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OccamsLabs helps you build security solutions for the future that grow with you. We design efficient and useful security systems that are not in the way.



We are fast and work with agile methodologies to ensure quick learnings and iterations forward. No big massive projects that take forever to complete, rather small incremental changes and improvements to progress towards the bigger goals. Our goal is to make Information Security an asset for you to push business forward.



If the solution is more complex than the problem we did something wrong. We are strong believers in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and want the simplest possible solution. Modern systems are already very complex, adding on top of that with security will make it difficult to beat your competition.


Things need to be clean and orderly to see where the security problems are. We leave everything we touch a bit cleaner every time. We clean up AWS accounts, Kubernetes deployments and even container registries. We Marie Kondo your cloud setup.


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