Our team

What do we do at Occamslabs, and how do we support you to succeed with cloud securtiy

Our Approach

When we start working with you, we first want to understand your current situation, strengths, and weaknesses. To identify this we will do a workshop to surface the status quo. We define clear and actionable goals and a roadmap to achieve them. With a clear and structured path forward we will get into action and build up the systems and training needed to succeed. We will work with your teams to level up their skills and ownership.

Our team

We've built an amazing, fantastic team of developers and security enginners

OccamsLabs is a consulting company focused on a holistic security approach for businesses. Our success is when you own and run your security with confidence. Our approach is to educate and build up competence inside our clients organizations with the technology to support it. We strive to automate as much as possible so people can focus on delivering valuable work.

Our Mission

Make security accessible and more approachable by anyone. We see security as an enabler for a business to grow and protect its customers, employees, and values. To enable this, security must move from blocking the road to guiding and supporting the business and its goals. We help you build a culture where everyone is empowered to own and contribute to security.

Our Values



We are fast and work with agile methodologies to ensure quick learnings and iterations forward. No big massive projects that take forever to complete, rather small incremental changes and improvements to progress towards the bigger goals.



If the solution is more complex than the problem we did something wrong. We are strong believers in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and want the simplest possible solution.



Things need to be clean and orderly to see where problems are. We leave everything we touch a bit cleaner every time.

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